Test your team’s agility and communicating skills with a corporate Christmas party

Team building has never been so exciting!

Teamwork makes the dream work at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, and this motto is at the forefront of each and everything game at YTA, with a mission to work together to be victorious. That’s why, our activities are amazing for team-building events, which help form memories and strong team relationships whilst having a great time on the battlefield. At YTA, we offer paintball, airsoft, and laser tag parties at competitive prices for small to large groups, perfect for corporate events, Christmas parties, stag do’s, etc.


Paintball is a game of bright colourful, war-like action, with all the fun you could ever want! Less strategic than our other games, paintball is the perfect way to make memories with your peers and form bonds as you work together to fly the flag and be victorious against your opposing team.

Paintball is a great competitive outdoor activity that involves high-intensity fun-filled shooting, from our paintball guns which are filled with spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules that break upon impact and explode with colour. We offer tailor-made packages depending upon the group, each group is divided into two teams and the aim is to shoot as many people out on the opposite team to win.

We also offer an extra shoot-out opportunity for our stag-do parties/special events, where one member of the group, (usually the stag), runs through the centre of the battleground, dressed in one of our huge variety of hilarious costumes, and has to escape the shoot out from the rest of the team, whilst getting covered in paint from the paintballs!

Our paintball games are available at Wakefield The Kingdom, Sheffield The Borderlands and Bradford The Ridge, which are equally as unique as each other with breathtaking battlegrounds, castles to storm, tanks to raid, and the whole works for a truly immense paintballing day out.


Airsoft is a strategic game of accurate shooting to mimic that of a front-line soldier in a military simulation. Jump back in time to experience the real front-line war with your group, and battle against each other to win this war of a lifetime.

The games are based around team objectives and team events, in which players eliminate the opposing team by tagging them out with airsoft guns, designed to shoot plastic projectiles. The guns used in airsoft are designed to shoot up to 30 rounds per second and are extremely realistic to add that extra realistic touch to the game, shooting up to 100m with intense accuracy and precision.

Airsoft requires thought, plan of action, accuracy, and specialist strategy to lead you to success. Although just as fun and immersive as paintball, airsoft is great a way to try out a new competitive sport. Available at our Sheffield, Wakefield and Bradford sites, each made with their own unique props and outbuildings to make your gameplay more exciting and realistic.

Laser Tag

Our laser tag games are just as fun and action-packed as airsoft and paintball but without the sting of the shot! Laser tag has the same game aims as paintball and laser tag, however, you are equipped with a state-of-the-art talon tagger that uses infrared-emitting light to tag designated targets/opposing players. Laser tag is great for all ages and has an added flare at our themed war zones.

Laser tag is available to play at Bradford, Sheffield and Wakefield!

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