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Choose from 6 impressive Yorkshire Tactical Activities venues


Here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, we have 6 amazing sites with unique areas for fun-filled action! Our six sites are based across Sheffield, Bradford, Barnsley, Doncaster and Wakefield, each with their own awesome adventure areas to explore.

Sheffield – The Manor


The Manor AKA The Castle On The Hill, is one of our most easily accessible sites, situated just off the M1 with ample parking, a canteen, on-site airsoft shop, undercover safe zone and charge station facilities available.

The Manor at Sheffield is our airsoft only site, and 5 star rated by airsoft lovers who come to play from across the nation! Our airsoft store on this amazing site is a great place to visit before or after your game, to stock up or treat yourself to the state of the airsoft guns and accessories we stock.

The Manor is specifically famous for the huge two-story fort which sits upon the hill, impenetrable to its victims below, to win this war you must battle your way to the top of the treacherous hill whilst fending off your foe from the balconies above – perfect for our hard-core airsoft lovers!

Travel deeper into the wood, which spans across our game zone, to defend the village at all costs from the opposition! Along this journey, you will find our satellite field perfect for that inner sci-fi nerd. Take cover behind the huge satellite dishes, try not to be bombarded by the enemy as to save energy for the snipers up the next hill is essential to strike! This game zone is perfect for airsoft players who love long-distance engagement.

Sheffield – The Borderlands


The Borderlands is our flagship site, with every activity available to play, including airsoft, laser tag, mini tag and paintball. The Borderlands has the most impressive terrain you will ever see, with a safe zone to hold 120 people and another 100 people outside to create the ultimate battle experience.

At The Borderlands, we have 4 amazing site locations to explore. Our World War II battlefront is the ultimate war experience, the aim of this game is to battle your way past the tanks and regain control of the building. This war zone helps you take a step back in time and experience what the front-line would have been like in these troubling times.

Are you a zombie lover? The Walking Dead zone is the ultimate spine-chilling experience, filled with a graveyard, the sinister church offers a horrifying experience you won’t find elsewhere! Get the skull back to where it belongs and stop the dead from rising.

The Wild West is a wannabe country ranger’s dreamland! The aim of this game is to stop the outlaws from robbing the old bank vault in an up close and personal shootout! Our last but definitely not least zone is The Kings Landing. This zone is a fortress not to be rivalled, made up of a castle containing a flag tower, draw bridge, multiple stories and the battering ram to help invaders take control of the castle and fly their flag to victory.


Bradford – The Ridge


The Ridge is our newest site, where paintball lovers can really go wild! This site offers paintball, laser tag and mini tag with another set of amazing locations to rule over. There is also a fully stocked shop at The Ridge, where you can stock up on essentials or upgrade your weapon!

The Junkyard location is one of our biggest zones with barricades, tyre walls, huge barrels, and large metal cages to come face to face with the opponent, in this battle only the best team will survive! The next location at The Ridge is the Bluebell Woods, where you can find the huge bridge which needs defending at all costs from attackers moving up the hill in your direction. The Bluebell Wood bridge has many multi-level platforms and look out spots for defendants.

Looking for a step back further in history? The Pyramids are right at the top of The Ridge, and are packed full of amazingly unique shapes and sizes of pyramids. The aim of this Egyptian style game is to defeat your opponents in a “survival of the fittest” style battle. The final zone at The Ridge is the Wild West Village, another opportunity for our cowboy loving soldiers to experience western life, and compete in the awesome fort, saloon, village store, jail and warehouse! Dominate the village to prove your team is the strongest.

Barnsley – The Pit


The Pit is an airsoft lover’s dream, and is one of our original sites that has grown into a player favourite over the years. The Pit is one of our airsoft only sites, and has a number of amazing zones for strategic gameplay.

The Church zone consists of two floors with snickets to take cover and defend against the enemy. The second story game tower is perfect for snipers, to sneakily take out the opposing team. The Push Back is our next zone, with huge barricades placed along the dirt track, to oppress the enemy at their respawn point. This game zone is suitable for all weapon types, for a game of tactical speed.

The Village zone has amazing areas such as land rover hideouts, rat run crawl to sneak past the enemy lines and deliver the bomb, with close-quarters for intense gameplay. Finally, The Paddock is an enclosed field containing hundreds of defending areas, to help defend the zone for as long as possible before the zombie invasion takes hold!

Doncaster – The Pine


The Pines at Doncaster, is another of our Airsoft only sites and also one of our most feature rich sites. The Pines has a delicious Cafe for hungry soldiers, an amazing shop for stocking up on airsoft essentials, and everything you would ever need for a perfect day of airsoft action.

The Pines is all about strategic game play and providing the utmost memorable experience for fans of airsoft. When you think of the perfect location for airsoft, what do you think of first? A castle to overrun? We have two! A village for close-quarter battle? We have you covered! What about a bridge for brave battles to take place upon? Don’t worry we have that too! Plus all the extra stuff, such as land rovers, tanks, helicopters … We can just about tick every box at the pines!

Wakefield – The Kingdom


The Kingdom is YTA’s largest activity centre, with 100 acres of pure adrenaline and the perfect warzone location for airsoft, paintball and laser tag! The Kingdom is really easy to locate, situated just less than a minute off of the M1!

The Kingdom has over 9 locations and is constantly growing to become one of our action packed sites! The Kingdom is home to our colossal castle which is one of our biggest zones as of yet, with darkened corridors, courtyard battlefront and two floors to battle upon. Our Armageddon zone is survival of the fittest at it’s finest, where frontline battle is on the agenda and no one can be trusted. The Kingdom is also home to the much loved military stockade and the paddock where vigilance is key and strategic shots are a must to win a battle at The Kingdom.




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