Discover new hobbies to try in 2022

Exciting new hobbies to try

A new year is vastly approaching us! And when is there a better time to take up a new hobby? Here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, we are famous for introducing adventure into our customers’ visits and growing new and continuous hobbies amongst each person. In this week’s blog, we will be exploring the new year hobbies you and your friends can take up throughout 2022.


Formally largely recognised for our Airsoft community, we are the site to be at for taking up a new Airsoft hobby! Airsoft is a military simulation game, filled with action-packed adventure.
Airsoft is one of our most tactical activities here at YTA. This game requires patience, winning strategies and a precise shot to make your way to victory. Our sites are home to some of the top-range airsoft gear in the country, with long-range shooting features to strike out the opponent and win the war.
If you are looking to introduce some unstoppable fun to your new year, our sites that are specifically kitted out for epic airsofting, are the ones to pick for a new year adventure!



Looking for a colourful 2022? Our Paintball games take fun to the next level. Paintball is the perfect reason to get your favourite people together and create some awesome memories. Paintball takes a lot less strategy, less precision and less serious shooting for a much more easy-going game if you are looking for a little more relaxed gaming.
Just like our airsoft sites, our paintball areas are packed full of amazing hideout spots, such as castles, bridges and even tanks!


Laser Tag

Laser tag is great fun for all ages! From tiring out the kids to injecting to some playful fun to big kids weekends, Laser tag is pain-free fun for everyone. Our state of the art Talon Taggers make laser tag even more reactive and even more intense! Watch out and hideout in our epic sites to fly the flag to victory and win this laser tag adventure.

Where to find us?

If you are looking to play any of our activities at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, you can find us at Sheffield, Bradford and Wakefield. If you are looking to enjoy some strategic airsoft gameplay, then our Sheffield – The Borderlands site, Bradford – The Ridge, and Wakefield – The Kingdom are the place to be!

For some colourful Paintball fun, you can find this at Wakefield – The Kingdom, and Sheffield – The Borderlands. And last, but definitely not least, for some action-packed adventure, you can play laser tag at Wakefield – The Kingdom and Sheffield – The Borderlands

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