Stag Dos at YTA

Enjoy an action-packed stag do with YTA

Here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, we specialise in action-packed activities to suit everyone! In this week’s blog, we want to explore our stag do events, something we consider ourselves to be experts in. At YTA, our stag do’s create memories with mates you will never forget. Nothing gets people together more than a little competitiveness.

Airsoft stag dos

Our Airsoft stag do’s are the ultimate war-like experience for you and your friends. Airsoft is a tactical activity that involves mental strategy and an eye for thoughtful targeting, to survive and make your way to victory. To put it simply, airsoft is a live combat simulation that replicates what real-life war would feel like for our players.

Airsoft includes the use of our high-quality imitation firearms, which give the most realistic effect. With our airsoft guns, you can change the magazine, realistic reloads, with single or auto fire options. The airsoft guns here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities shoot faster, further, and more precisely than our paintball guns. Airsoft differs from paintball as it’s a little less fast action and much more tactical, but doesn’t miss out on the fun!

One of our most popular sites for airsoft is The Borderlands in Sheffield. This specific site has the most impressive terrain you will ever see! The combination of the huge realistic safe zone to protect up to 120 people from the blazing war that awaits them, and battle areas such as the Borderlands castle, zombie-style church to storm, tanks to defend, villages to invade, and the wild wild west area for the ultimate shoot-out, the Borderlands is your number one battle area of choice.


Paintball stag dos

Paintball stag dos are where boys can be boys, with the fast action, less strategic yet suspenseful games we have to offer here at YTA. The main aim of paintball is to just have a laugh together and gain all the thrill and excitement from the paintball’s pain.

Our paintball guns shoot opponents up to 30 meters away, although the shots are shorter distances than our airsoft guns you feel the shot much harder! We have all the safety equipment you could ever need here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, from standard helmets and goggles to full body armor and full-length combat suits. Another great aspect of paintballing is that you can identify who has been hit with the pop of vivid colour the paintball gives.

Our most prolific paintball site is The Kingdom in Wakefield. The Kingdom is the number one spot for paintballers, as it features 100m of pure adrenaline!

This fun-filled site includes the Castle Royale, a huge castle designed for battle with sneaky, darkened corridors, upper and lower floors, and the courtyard battlefront, the perfect, adrenaline-packed place for face-to-face shoot-offs! If your group prefers something a little more intense with no place to hide, The Kingdoms’ Armageddon is a fearsome test of survival of the fittest, on this frontline field there is no place to run and hide.

In The Kingdom’s Stockade, you need to use all your senses at once! This battlefield smokes the enemy out for an intense, strategic game to stop reinforcements coming in! But be warned – this zone is not for the light-hearted. The Kingdoms’ Paddock is a frightful test of getting over the ravine, making your way down the treacherous hill, and overtaking the village, be careful to not get taken out by your opponents, complete your mission to victory and fly your flag high.


Themed targeted stag run

To add a little spin for our stag dos, we like to add a brutal test of survival for the stag! Our themed targeted stag run game is added to our tailored stag parties and is a memorable experience for both the stag and his party. In this game of pain, you can get your stag to dress up as a rabbit, penguin, cow, matador, and many more to make the stag look as silly as possible. This is a thrilling game of friends vs stag, where the party lines up and the stag runs along the battlefield to endure an endless chain of bullets coming their way!

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