5 reasons why you join our tactical airsoft games

5 reasons why you should get your game on at YTA

Here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, we are renowned for our epic airsoft games! From fully immersive, kitted out sites, to state of the art airsoft guns and even on-site shops to stock up on ammunition and refresh your own kit, we have it all here at YTA! In this week’s blog, let’s explore the 5 reasons why you should get your game on at YTA!

  • The aims of the game

Airsoft is a real-life, war simulation. The game requires strategic team playing, with an aim to eliminate the opposing team with a precise plan. Airsoft requires you to take cover, in our many themed playing sites filled with tanks, castles and even draw-bridges to help you on your front-line battle quest. 

  • Equipment

The guns used in airsoft, differ greatly from the typical guns used in paintball. Airsoft guns have the genuine look and feel of real guns, which makes the real-life war simulation so much more realistic!

Airsoft guns shoot non-metallic spherical projectiles, often referred to as “BBs” which are typically made of plastic or biodegradable materials. Unlike paintball guns, airsoft guns fire at much further distances with a much faster pace, making the perfect weapon for the frontline. 

  • New Hobby

Get outdoors this new year! We are strongly advocating getting some fresh air in the year of freedom to come, which is great for all aspects of your health.

Here at Yorkshire Tactical Activities, we get together large groups of airsoft lovers regularly and have created a strong community over the years. So if you’re looking to take up a new skill in 2021, embark on action-packed adventures, and get involved with a great group of fellow airsoft lovers, then YTA is the place for you!

  • Our Sites

One of the biggest reasons why people love Yorkshire Tactical Activities is because of our epic sites!

Ranging from various venues in Yorkshire, the YTA sites have themed areas consisting of a double-storey castle to storm, draw bridges to take cover upon, ghostly graveyards, wicked wild-west saloons and even real-life army tanks to give that real-life war experience!

We also have cafes on-site if you need to grab a quick bite to eat, as well as shops to stock up on kit and extra ammo if needed, and all the extra facilities you require for that extra cherry on top of a perfect airsofting day. 

  • Competitive prices

Not only do we have everything for you to have a day out to remember, but we also have some of the best competitive prices in our field! Make big savings when you book larger groups or book directly through Yorkshire Tactical Activities for adventures that don’t break the bank!

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